Rainy Days

I don’t know what it is about rainy days, but the things that you’d have hoped to wash away seem to taint the air with a foul presence.  

The stains on the pavement dilute, creating a puddle the size of a city. You feel the pitter-patter of tiny fingers trying to soak every crack and crevice. When the clouds cry, they let out an ocean’s roar. They try drowning me with their sorrows. 

On a rainy day, there is a strange kind of silence that is too loud to be ignored. I stare out the window. I don’t want to get wet. My day has come to a halt and I know that life in this city is still ticking somewhere. I wonder if there is anyone out there whose day has halted too. 


This evening I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds. 

It’s been a long time since I had last spared a few minutes for the sky. 

The clouds were moving and I began to see shapes forming from the marshmallow structures. A procession of dinosaurs emerged. The T-Rex had captured my heart – his comical huge head and teeny tiny hands. Mr Rex you brought a smile to my face. 

The clouds were moving fast, away from me. Leaving me behind. The T-Rex had disappeared. Off on another adventure, I suppose. 


I’m glad that I had shared a few moments with the sky. 

A Star

The closest ones are the furthest.

Yes, I talk about stars –

though I know nothing of astronomy 

or space science. 

Though I may not know it,

I may be the furthest away

from this Earth right now. 

Or I wish to be the furthest star from here,

because Earth is too lonely a place

and I’d much rather find real solitude,  


and seclude, myself.


Midnight’s Garden

Racing under the Moon’s shadow

while owls whisper to the leaves,

and Midnight’s rabbits work work work

Nature’s garden weeps,

from time to time and time again:

whispering to her darlings

grow, grow, grow…

Then the magical beans prosper

and defend their mighty ground

where the rabbits and owls can lie peacefully.

You can hear Midnight’s garden


Souls converging to one:

beat, beat, beat