I seed it in the circle in fence. A eye. I was running to catch butterflies before, then a loud bang happened from the other side. It sounded like something crashed it. It was scary. Then I went to fence and I seed it, a eye looking at me.

….‘What’s your name?’ it said. 

….I went closer to it. ‘Pixie,’ I said back.

….‘What’s that?’ Eye closed and opened.

….‘My name.’


….Didn’t Eye believe me? I was getting cross now. ‘What’s wrong?’

….‘I never heard that one before.’

….‘Mummy and Daddy choosed it. So, it is one.’ Silly Eye. It knowed nothing.

….‘Okay.’ Eye got smaller. It moved back. I could see now – Eye was a boy.

….Boy was far away now, so I shouted, ‘What’s your name?’

….He went a little closer to the circle in fence. I could see less of boy now, only his head and shoulders. ‘Huh?’

….‘What’s your name?’ I said again. He doesn’t listen good. Mummy gets cross when I don’t listen good. But I am nice, so I don’t get cross at him.  

….‘Secret,’ he said. He kept sniffling his nose.

….I giggled a bit. ‘That’s a funny one.’

….‘You can keep secret?’ he whispered.

….I thought about this. Then, I nodded my head.

….‘Okay. Wait there.’ He runned away from the circle.

….I I pressed my face into fence to see inside the circle better. It was spikey on my cheek a bit. The secret boy was gone. So I waited, because he told me to. When he was gone for forever, I looked around for butterflies. I didn’t know where they flied to now.

….After another forever, I heard noises from the other side of fence. I heard boy call, ‘Pixie!’

….I went next to it. Then the circle went dark and a scrunch-y noise came from it. Boy pushed something inside the circle to me. It felled on the ground and I picked it up. I opened it. He writed on paper. I can write on paper too. I read the word, ‘Ga- Je-’

….‘Ja-rai-ya. Jeriah,’ he said. He putted his finger on his lip. ‘That’s secret, okay? Don’t tell anyone. Shh!’

….‘Okay. Shh!’ I said. Jeriah was so nice to give me secret. ‘I keep it safe.’ I pushed it in my pocket to keep it safe. Then I thought, I should put it away in my room. ‘Bye, Jeriah!’

….I runned to my house, to go to my room to hide it. When I got there, I looked for paper in my pocket. It was not there. Then Mummy came in and asked me what was wrong.

….‘I lost my secret,’ I said. I wanted to cry.

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